the signs and their happy places

  • ARIES: loud, exhilarating concerts where they can lose themselves and be themselves at the same time
  • TAURUS: outdoors, preferably in the summer and with friends
  • GEMINI: bookstores where they can stay awhile and relax
  • CANCER: movie theaters or real theaters where they can get distracted from their own troubles
  • LEO: parties where they know and like everyone
  • VIRGO: 
  • anywhere as long as they have headphones and good music-- with people they love but not having to talk 
  • LIBRA: in the heart of their favorite city, people watching
  • SCORPIO: trendy shops where they can find their own style
  • SAGITTARIUS: county fairs, where there's diversity of people and lots of things to do
  • CAPRICORN: pretty, calm parks (with a good book or something to work on)
  • AQUARIUS: long car rides with time to daydream and nice scenery
  • PISCES: 
  • their room, which is very customized

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