MARCH 6 - zodiac signs

Jag är Jungfru (Virgo) men känner mig mer som ett lejon.

Vad är ditt stjärntecken? 

feeling association with the signs, 

Aries —
ripping off the band-aid, waking through a forest, being center stage, police sirens, fingernails tapping against a desk, boiling water, a sunflower field.
Taurus —
chocolate melting, the ticking sound of a clock, blanket forts, sliding across a wooden floor in your socks, using sticks as swords, sunsets from the hood of a car.
Gemini —
the scent that follows after you blow out a candle, how handwriting is like a voice, your first visit to a haunted house, a rigid spine, the sound of crunching leaves, church bells.
Cancer —
holding hands in a hospital, lemonade on the hottest day of the year, a psychic’s parlor, sage & lavender & vanilla, hot air balloon ride over the city, windmills.
Leo — 
city life at night, an acid trip, paint splattered at the wall, bubblegum, a one-way ticket, broken mirrors.
Virgo —
fireflies in the summer, back of the class, pacing & the click clack of high heels, bleach, waves crashing, sun kissed skin.
Libra —
when the couple says “i do”, lucky charms, bonfires, finger painting, blowing kisses, ballet shows, sugar on the tip of your tongue, outstretched palms in the wrong direction.
Scorpio —
being stuck at the top of a ferris wheel, wind in your hair during a midnight car ride at 100 mph, skin on skin, magnets on the refrigerator, a ceiling fan in the dead of night, sticky notes, foxes in the bushes.
Sagittarius —
jet lag, a wolf howling, bad puns, five star restaurants, burning your tongue, chipped nail polish, walking barefoot through the mud, treehouses.
Capricorn —
a loaded gun, the first snow fall of the year when everything is still and silent, the first breath after a panic attack, sun showers, the dreamy state when you’re running on no sleep, candyland, breaking through the surface.
Aquarius —
cracking open a fortune cookie, city lights in the rain, scissors & wrapping paper, bats in caves, sneaking out for the first time, watching the sunrise with your best friends, a wildflower breaking through the cracks of a sidewalk.
Pisces —
a canoe on the lake at dawn, windchimes, spring, hundred year old trees, jazz music & feather boas, dream journals, glitter eyeshadow, art museums.

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7 kommentarer:

  1. Jag är lejon. <3
    Så underbar blus du bär på bilderna.
    Vart kommer den ifrån?

  2. Jeg er krepsen/cancer, men i følge det som står ovenfor, føler jeg meg mer som tyren/taurus.

  3. I'm Capricorn and I feel like I was Capricorn

  4. Alltså, din lugg är ju galet fin!

  5. "jet lag, a wolf howling, bad puns, five star restaurants, burning your tongue, chipped nail polish, walking barefoot through the mud, treehouses." yeah, that's me. förutom restaurangerna, marknadsstånd skare' va! <3

    ps. bäst svar i inlägget ovanför detta^^